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Online Android and IPhone Application builder in English
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Large set of features
for custom applications
with professional quality
Very competitive prices
for features that can have
a strong marketing impact
Real native applications
for smartphones contrary to the
simple HTML pages builders
100% online app creation
Apps, screens and pictures templates
Advanced customization capabilities
Iphone et Android platforms *
Tests tools
Support on Forum
Marketing tools
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Messages shown directly on mobile devices notification bars, to keep in touch with your users.
10 messages / month
100 messages / month
1000 messages / month
5000 messages / month
10000 messages / month
Messages shown when your application starts, to show your breaking news.
10 messages / month
500 messages / month
5000 messages / month
25000 messages / month
50000 messages / month
Add more storage for your app content and users data.
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Show your own AdMob ads in your app in order to generate revenue.
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> Initial request : $0 USD
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To know your real cost:
Add $25 USD (you pay this once, to Google) to get your Google Play account in case you want to publish for Android, plus (and/or) $99 USD / year (that you pay annualy to Apple) for a IPhone developer account in order to publish for IPhone/IPad.
* Android and IPhone platforms are both available, but IPhone publishing is done by Make me Droid and requires some fees. Google play and IOS developer accounts subscriptions are not included in Make me Droid pricing.