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Make me Droid

Test your application
When your application is ready and generated, you have the following choices:
  • Publish the application directly on the Android Market (Google Play), if you have signed it.
  • Test the application on your Android phone, if you have one.
  • Test the application on a Android simulator.

The following chapters focus on using the simulator in a few easy steps:
  • Simulator download.
  • Launching the simulator from your PC.
  • Connect to Make me Droid mobile website.
  • Download and install your application.

Alternatively, you can also use your own mobile phone to test your app. In this case, you can skip the simulator topics and directly read the Connect to Make me Droid mobile website paragraph.
Downloading the Android simulator
The GenyMotion website provides a great Android simulator, free for a personal use, fast, and easy to install on your computer in less than 5 minutes.
  • Go to then get to the download page: Get GenyMotion then Download from the Free column. Then Get genymotion again.
  • You will have to sign up for free (Create account). Provide a pseudo, email address, and password.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email. Click the confirmation link to activate your account.
  • Now you can download the Android simulator, and install it on your computer.
Launching the simulator
Note that you can change simulator language by going to the main menu then Settings then Language & Input then Language.

  • Run the GenyMotion application. The first time, you will be asked to create a simulated Android mobile: choose for instance Google Nexus 4 - API 16. Caution, only use API > 14.
  • Start the GenyMotion simulated device.
  • Change language if necessary.
  • Go to Settings then Security and enable the Unknown sources, in order to be able to install applications that are not yet published on Google Play.
To navigate in the simulator, use the following keys from the keyboard which is at the right or bottom of the screen:
  • Home: To go back to the main screen. Long press: To switch between applications.
  • Menu: To open options menu which are different depending on the current context.
  • Back (the arrow): To go back to the previous screen, exit an application, or close the virtual keyboard.
Connect to Make me Droid mobile website
From the simulator or from your mobile phone, use the embedded browser to reach You will reach the mobile version of Make me Droid website.

Note: on the simulator, use your PC keyboard to easily input text.
Use your login information to connect to your account.
Download and install your application
From your account page on the mobile website, download the application you plan to install.

When download is over, click on the downloaded file in the notification bar. The Android installer software starts and asks you to install your application.

Install. Your application is ready to use.

Note: On your own mobile phone, the installation can fail at first. This is because your phone is not ready to use apps that were not downloaded from Google Play. To solve this, go to your phone settings, somewhere in a development menu, and activate the allow installation from untrusted sources option.