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Make me Droid

Here is how to publish your Make me Droid application on ITunes, to make it available for IPhone and IPad devices.

Preliminary information
Contrary to Android publishing, IOS publishing must be done by Make me Droid. You can't do this by yourself. The IOS developer yearly plan at Apple is also more expensive. This means that publishing on IOS brings some additional costs that you must keep in mind. Nevertheless, IPhone versions of apps tend to bring more sales and therefore better revenue than Android apps.
Creating your IOS developer account at Apple
Before going further with Make me Droid, you have to register as a IOS developer at Apple. This costs $99 USD per year: view website
ITunes app profile setup
After your IOS developer account is created, paid and confirmed, you need to configure your ITunes app profile. That profile contains your app description, its name, pricing strategy and more.

Here is how to do that:
  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Go to My apps.
  • Make sure to agree with any terms and conditions Apple may ask to validate.
  • Click on the top left + then New IOS app.
  • Provide the requested information:
    • Name: Your app name (publicly visible).
    • Version: 1.0, or increase to 1.1 (and so on) for an app update.
    • UGS: This is the Make me Droid identifier. The "Bundle identifier" that you can find on Make me Droid "iPhone" page (com.makemedroid.abcdef).
    • Bundle identifier: Click on the developers portal link just below, to create that bundle ID at first.
  • On the developers portal:
    • Description: A brief description. This is not very important.
    • Bundle ID: Use the one we provide on Make me Droid, on the IPhone page (same as for the UGS).
    • App services: Check only Push notifications, nothing else (important).
  • Go back to ITunes connect, and refresh the page. Now select the newly created bundle identifier and validate.
  • Provide the necessary information in order to clearly describe your app and make it attractive to your future users.
  • Provide default screenshots. We will replace them with real screenshots of your app. Use a picture editor to make a temporary picture of 640x960px, JPG or PNG.
  • Provide a 1024x1024px icon for your app.
  • Save your changes, and we will complete everything missing after we receive your publishing request on Make me Droid.
Your Apple account information
You must provide us with your IOS developer account information (email, password) on the IPhone page on Make me Droid. We will use that to access your IOS developer account and publish the app. Your information is stored securely on our server.
Asking Make me Droid to publish
You have to purchase a publishing request, on Make me Droid, so that our team can validate your request.

The initial publishing costs $65 USD.

After that, you will sometimes need to publish app updates ($25 USD per update), to enrich your app with the latest improvements made by Make me Droid. Nevertheless, most of the time, when you make changes on your screens, you can simply send those updates through internet automatically. This does not publish an app update on ITunes, but your users will receive your latest changes, and that is free.

After your payment is complete, you can then use the form on Make me Droid to request app publishing. Wait around 10 days for your app to be published by Make me Droid and validated by Apple.

In case your publishing request is rejected by Apple, we will provide our advices to improve your app, and we will send another version of your app, for free.
Your application content for IOS
The following items must carefully be checked in your application, to make sure Make me Droid or Apple won't reject your app (so you would have to wait more, make some changes, and submit a request again):
  • No quit the application action can be used.
  • Put a quit the screen action on all of your screens. Apple devices don't have a back key, contrary to the Android ones.
  • Don't use too much Web, HTML content in your application. Apple is sometimes picky about this.
  • Make a good layout and design to increase chances of being "liked" by the Apple team.
  • Your content must not infringe rules about intellectual property, and be interesting for users.