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Make me Droid

Publish on Google Play
Here is how to publish your Make me Droid application on the Android Market.

This documentation page is about topics that are external to the Make me Droid website, but it helps bridging your just-finished application design with the "real world".
Preliminary steps
Before anything else, make sure that you have completed the following steps:
  • Your application must have been generated (you have a APK file in hands).
  • This generated application must be signed with a real signature (not a test one) as explained in the paragraph "Signing your application / Sign for publishing on the Android Market" on page Managing an application.
Creating your Android Market account
Creating an Android Market account is mandatory to publish one or more applications.

An initial payment of 25$ (around 20€) is requested (large number of payment modes) when you create your account. You pay this amount only the very first time, disregarding the number of applications you will publish in the future.
  • Go to and log in using your standard Google account, then provide your information and validate the payment. Your Android Market account is now ready.
  • If you do not have a standard Google account (gmail, etc), you have to create one first. For this, follow the steps provided by Google on the same page, or manually proceed going to
Publishing on the Android Market
When your Android Market account is ready, connect to

To access your first publication, click on the button that looks likes the picture below:

You have to provide the following mandatory information prior to publishing:
  • Your application in APK format, correctly signed as explained previously.
  • At least 2 application screenshots, sized 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 480 x 854 or 1280 x 800, using PNG or JPG formats.
  • An icon to illustrate your application, sized 512x512, using PNG or JPG format (PNG is preferred).
  • Your application title.
  • A long textual description for the application (main text that will be used as the introduction shown to people who find your application on the market - make it be of good quality).
  • The application type (application / game).
  • The category (News, business, finance, communication...).

Once this is ready, you only have to accept Google's terms of use, checking the boxes at the bottom of the page. Click the "Publish" button, you are done.

After around 5 minutes, your application will appear in search results of the mobile Android Market.

A few days later, a large number of websites talking about Android applications will automatically spread the information about your application.

From this time on, you can check your application statistics daily, clicking on the "Statistics" link on the main page. You can also read comments and scores received by your application.

Getting application screenshots
You can take screenshots of your application (Android only). Here is how to do it:
  • Your application must be generated as a test APK (not signed). Your mobile phone must be connected to internet.
  • From the application, go to the screen from which you want to get a screenshot. Press the menu key of your phone, then Take screenshot.
  • The screenshot will be sent to Make me Drond online storage, as a form. Check your forms on the website, going to mobile services then dynamic application content.
  • Forms containing screenshots are named AppScreenShots.
  • Right click on the picture, and save it to your computer using "Save as". Name it "screen.png".
  • Warning! Each screen capture takes a large amount of space from your allowed storage on Make me Droid. After saving your screenshot, delete it from Make me Droid.