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Packages and payments
When your application is ready, it's time to think about some additional premium services.

This guide introduces the options you have to remove ads, increase storage space, communicate with your users, and more.
The subscriptions
Different kind of options are available, as monthly subscriptions that you can change (increase, decrease, cancel) at any time. Note: Every started month is due.

The main idea is that you build your own A LA CARTE subscription: you choose the appropriate options, and you get the monthly cost. This way, you pay only for what you really need.

Removing Make me Droid ads

The free Make me Droid applications (by default) embed an advertising system. This is a way for us to earn money for the service we give to you. Nevertheless, this is not always adapted, for example in case your are doing a professional application, or if you have sensitive users. In such cases, you can then remove those ads using this option.

The monthly cost depends on the number of devices launching your application daily. As instance, the option "Max 50 devices per day" means that the first 50 devices that launch your application during the day will get no ad displayed. Then, if you overcome this value, ads will start being displayed to the additional devices.

In order to know the appropriate value for your application, check how many devices use your application daily, as an average value, using the statistics graph, and choose an option value a little bit higher than that.

Increasing storage space

You may sometimes need to get more storage space than what is given to you at first. This storage space is used both by your screens, pictures and other files inside the application, but also by the dynamic content that you add either using forms in your app, or through the dynamic content panel.

PUSH Messages

Your application has a great marketing tool: the PUSH messages. These are messages that are actually 2 lines of text, showing up in the notification bar of mobile devices. These messages are received even if the users don't launch your application. Only the devices online when you send a message will receive it.

How to choose the right option value?
As instance, the option Max 1000 messages received per month means that 1000 messages can be received by devices having your application installed. You can then send 1 message to 1000 devices, but also 20 messages to 50 devices (=1000), and so on. In order to know the number of listening devices, look at the "PUSH messages -> X devices listening" information on Make me Droid. Then, if for example there are 150 listening devices when you send your first message, that will use 150 units, and you will have 850 remaining messages until the end of the month.

Daily news

Daily news are shown to the users launching your application only. Nevertheless, while PUSH messages are only received by the online devices when you send them, daily news can be viewed during several days, and every mobile launching your application will receive them. Every user seeing such a news counts for 1 usage for this option.

Your own ads in the application

You can show your own Google AdMob ads in your application, as banners. This lets you earn money every time a user clicks on it. In order to enable this feature, you have to subscribe to this option.
The permanent license
The permanent license lets you avoid paying a monthly subscription. This is the right package if you opt for tranquility. This license is valid with no time limit. You buy it once, and you don't have to pay a monthly subscription.

This license contains some "Max" options that are good enough for most of the applications: removing ads up to some amount, some PUSH messages and daily news, ability to show your own ads, and so on. To know the exact content of such a license, check it on the packages page, and the features summary will show you what it comes with.

In (rare) case the permanent license content would not be enough, for example if you need more PUSH messages, you can still subscribe to an additional subscription that will sum up with the license values.
The publishing requests
When you wish to publish your application to some of the App Stores such as IOS (IPhone), you have to ask Make me Droid to publish the application for you. Those publishing operations are not free, as this is a manual work we have to do. Moreover, the initial publishing request is more expensive as it requires more work to be done initially.

In order to do a publishing request, first purchase such an item, and when this is complete, you can then use the appropriate form to request this action to Make me Droid.
Available payment modes
Currently, Paypal is the preferred payment method. It allows payments from a large range of countries, and is also very efficient to manage subscriptions.

If you don't have a Paypal account, you can first provide your credit card information, plus some additional personal information. This way, Paypal will create a new account for you automatically.

Please note that this is not a "wasted" registration: Paypal is nowadays used everywhere, and you can pay almost everywhere with it. Besides this, it brings you a buyer protection service, so you can purchase items without worrying.

When you subscribe through Paypal, your subscription is automatically renewed monthly, you don't have to mind it every month.