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Paypal integration
You can integrate Paypal payment system in your application simply providing a few information. This page tells you how to do it step by step.

Some of the Paypal concepts are not explained here. We advise you to learn a little bit about Paypal first, or to refer to Paypal documentation every time something is unclear.
In order to integrate Paypal payments in your Make me Droid application, you need to have the following things:
  • A Paypal account on which you will receive payments.
  • A X commerce account ( in which you will provide information about your application to Paypal.
Creating an APP ID on X Commerce
Paypal requires every application using its payment technology to be registered on X Commerce, providing some information about the way payments are going to be used in the application. After that, an APP ID will be provided to you. This APP ID will then be used on Make me Droid to link your Android application to your X commerce account.

The X commerce account is actually only used to create the APP ID. After that, all your transactions are done through the usual Paypal account.

Here is how to obtain your APP ID:
  • Go to the X commerce website using this link to
  • Log in to your X account previously created.
  • Click on My account from the top menu.
  • Create a new application and fill all the mandatory fields. When you don't know how to fill a field, simply provide approximative information.
  • Open the adaptive payments panel, and check Basic payments and Checkout, Send Money or Parallel Payments. Please note to not check too many boxes if you don't need them, as this could slow down the application validation process from Paypal.
  • After all the other fields are filled, submit your application. You should get a Live APP ID. Keep it for later.
Add a Paypal payment to your Make me Droid application
During your paypal integration, you will be able to test payments thanks to the test mode. This step is strongly recommended to make sure that everything is working well in your application, before going live. For more information on Paypal test mode, look for some information about Paypal sandbox.

First, create an application on Make me Droid, and add a custom layout screen type. Add a button into it then follow the following steps:
  • Define the "click" action for the button you have just created.
  • Select Pay with Paypal.
  • Fill the necessary fields:
    • Information to user: custom information global to this payment, shown to users.
    • Item name/ID: information about the sold item/service along with a custom ID that you can use for inventory of computer automatization.
    • Total price: total payment price, and used currency.
    • IPN: Web page on which to receive payment notifications. This field is optional, and can be used to automatize your system. Read Paypal documentation for more information on this topic.
    • Then go to screen: screen to show when payment is successful.
    • Test mode: To use for testing. In test mode, your Paypal test account is used (sandbox). See Paypal sandbox documentation for more information.
  • Then click on Global Paypal Configuration. This new page lets you configure Paypal information for the whole application, not only for the current action.
  • Fill the necessary fields:
    • Merchant name: Your business name, shown to the buyers.
    • Live APP ID: The previously created APP ID. Be careful, use the live APP ID here, not the test APP ID.
    • Live Paypal payment account: Email address of the Paypal account that will receive payments.
    • Test Paypal payment account: Email address of the sandbox Paypal account that will receive payments in test mode.
  • Click Back then Use to save your changes.
  • Save your configuration and test your application on device. When you will click on the button, Paypal payment window will appear, asking you to log in to Paypal to pay. If you are in test mode, use a sandbox account different from the one used to receive payments.

If you are not familiar with Paypal, and even if most of the integration work has been done for you by Make me Droid, you still might face some difficulties. If such a case happens, contact us to tell us what your problem is, and we will help you finalizing payments in your application.
Advanced information
  • To receive more information from the IPN notifications, upgrade your Paypal account to at least the Premier account type.
  • You can use $[...] keywords in the fields of the Pay with Paypal action, for example if you list your products from a dynamic list screen. Fields that can be dynamic are the object name and ID, the price, and user information.