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Monetize your application
Your application is ready, and now you want to get some money out of it, through advertisements. Here are a few solutions. You can choose one of them, or several.
MobPartner advertising
MobPartner is a privileged partner of Make me Droid. This advertising network has a large number of campaigns, that you can select individually, whereas most of the typical advertising network simply show random ads that you can't choose.

This advertising network pays per action (CPA, CPD), not per click. You are then paid for each application download, game download, service subscription, form filling, and so on.

Note: You don't have to subscribe to the Make me Droid Your own ads in the application plan to be able to use MobPartner!

Note: Make sure your application already has around 5000 installations on Google Play or ITunes connect, to make sure MobPartner will accept your registration.

MobPartner - Mobile Affiliate Network

MobPartner registration
Go to MobPartner.

Choose campaigns
Among the available campaigns in your country, for your targeted platform (Android, IPhone...), subscribe to a campaign that best suits your application, then wait for MobPartner validation. After that, you will see the available banners, and you will be able to use them to redirect your users to the appropriate advertising page.

Show the campaign in your app
You can be creative and decide where to put your ads, how to show them (text, picture...) and so on. The objective is to make your users click on one of your app items and be redirected to the ad redirection URL, through the open a web page action. That URl will redirect the user, for example, to a Google Play page in order to download a game.

Here is an example of an in-app integration:
  • In a custom layout screen, add a picture.
  • Set the following properties to that picture:
    • Source: Data
    • Data source: set the banner picture URL here ("creative URL") provided by MobPartner.
    • Stretch mode: fill both sides
    • Size unit: pixels
    • Width, height: use the banner size
  • Set a click action to the picture, and choose open a web page then set the redirection URL ("target url") provided by MobPartner. (ex:
Note: you can use banners and redirection URLs the way you want: display a text on which users will click, show a auto-scrolling gallery containing ads, mix real app content with some advertising links for get the attention of your users, etc.

Go to MobPartner now and start doing your first tests.
AdMob advertising
Some screen slots are reserved for AdMob ads. AdMob is the most famous advertising network, from Google, but probably not the one who will make you earn the most money.

In order to activate those ads, here is how to do:
  • Subscribe to Make me Droid Your own ads in the application plan.
  • Register on AdMob, create your ad, and set your editor identifier on the In-app advertisements panel on Make me Droid.
  • In the screen editor, enable ads for the screens you want, using the screen properties.
AdMob pays per click (CPC) or per 1000 displays (CPM).