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How to make a good app?
Here are some tips to help you make a good application, by avoiding the most common mistakes and by applying some simple but efficient things.

Use beautiful icons
  • Icons should use the PNG format, to make sure they can be transparent.
  • Both for your application main icon, and for icons in the application content (menus, headers, etc).
  • Here are some websites that provide great free icons:,,
Use custom fonts
Play with texts sizes
  • Use both large and small text sizes on the same screen, to create a "visual contrast".
  • Don't use that too often, but once or twice per screen will be great to get a good visual effect that users will like.
Make your containers transparent
  • You can tune containers opacity from their properties panel.
  • A container with a white or black background color and 50% opacity, over a nice background image, will often result in something nice to see!
Customize the application
  • Use the customization menu from the screen designer to define the background picture, header and footer colors, buttons style and more.
  • Your application should not look like the template you started with, and must totally be yours!
Using items spacing
  • Most of the screen items have a spacing property, which allows you to add spaces both inside and outside of them.
  • Try to increase or reduce spacings, and you will get clear screens that are nice to use.
Don't forget the stack container
  • The stack container lets you add items one over another. For instance, a text with a translucid background color, over an image, will be quite nice to see.
  • Try to use that in your applications. That will enrich your app greatly.
Performance and stability
  • A good mobile application must be fast, and stable.
  • Most of the issues you will face about this is because of too large pictures and/or too many of them.
  • Use pictures with a fair size, and don't add too many things on your screens: if necessary, split your screen into multiple screens.
Ensure a good behaviour on various screen sizes
  • From the screen designer, make sure your application shows well on various screen sizes and orientations.
  • Use pixel sizes instead of percentages.
Setup social networks and share actions
  • Sharing your application and content on social networks is a key thing.
  • Make sure to read our guide and add share actions in several places of your application (header, main screen, menu, interstitial screen, etc).
  • Good sharing = more downloads = more visibility.
Let your app be dynamic
  • A popular application is an app that users launch often.
  • To achieve that, your application should try to be dynamic: PUSH messages, daily news, interstitial screen, fetch content from data sources from the web, have a frequently updated quiz, etc.
  • Users will then launch your app more often.
Puslish smartly
  • When you publish on Google Play or ITunes, write a description that is long enough, interesting, and that contains keywords that users usually search.
  • Use good quality and attractive screenshots.
  • Talk about your app updates on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ...).