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Online Android and IPhone Application builder in English
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Make me Droid

Website and applications features
Make me Droid provides the following features on the website and inside the generated applications:
Website features
  • Mouse click based designer to make android and iphone applications online.
  • Nothing to install on the computer, everything is done online.
  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Inline tutorial for quick startup.
  • Update over the air technology: send your screen changes through internet, without publishing every time.
  • Fully customizable screens based on items that you position the way you want.
  • Library of app templates, screen templates, wallpapers, icons and more.
  • Advanced customization: layout, colours, fonts, sizes, screen flow ...
  • Application gallery to promote your applications made on make me droid.
  • Events and offers to dynamically let users know what will happen next or which special offer is available.
  • Push messages to notify users even if they don't launch your app.
  • Daily news to easily show hot news to users when the app starts.
  • Messaging dashboard to answer user messages.
  • QR code generator to distribute applications more easily.
  • Promotional widget for applications to distribute your application faster.
  • Your app is free, with an advertisement inside.
  • Cheap subscriptions and permanent licenses to improve your application.
  • A forum to describe what you want to do and get some help to have a good start.
  • Fast email support for VIP users.
  • Android emulator available to make applications even without an Android phone.
  • Real-time application statistics.
  • API access, if you want to connect your own website with your app through Make me Droid.
Applications features
  • Ready-to-use screens for RSS/ATOM news reading, chat among all users, private chat with the app owner, showing contacts list, and more.
  • Smart mix of native app content with HTML content.
  • A way to design screens that makes it easy for you to make your app fit to all mobile device sizes.
  • Fully customizable screens (positions, colors, sizes, content...).
  • An interstitial screen that shows up sometimes, to remind users to share on Facebook or register to your newsletter.
  • Sliding menu with fancy effect to help user navigation.
  • Deep integration with JSON, to fetch content from anywhere on the web: Youtube playlists, Flickr galleries, Soundcloud tracks, Wordpress posts and more.
  • Screen transition effects.
  • Screen templates for your Facebook, Twitter, Google map pages.
  • Forms to gather user feedback, contact requests, or any other kind of data.
  • A great sharing module to enlarge your audience on social networks.
  • AdMob support in screens, to earn money from your app.
  • A single app design on Make me Droid, and your app can be published on Android and Iphone.