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Make me Droid

Here are the answers to questions that are often asked about Make me Droid.

General questions
What is Android?
Android is an operating system (such as Windows, Mac OS, etc) for mobile phones, tablets, and soon more kind of devices. Android will very soon be in your TV!

This system has been created by a subsidiary company of Google, and is available for free for everyone. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular so quickly all over the world.

The number of new Android-based devices activated daily is a matter of hundreds of thousands. The number of Android devices is now larger than the IPhones.
How much does it cost to make an application on Make me Droid?
This costs nothing to register, nor to build the application by yourself. Make me Droid makes money adding ads into the applications at first.

Then it depends which options you want to have: remove advertisements, send push messages, add more storage, and so on. Our prices are listed on the offers page of this site. But the point is, with our subscriptions, you pay only for what you use.

If you don't want a subscription and prefer to pay at once, you can also choose our permanent licenses.
What should I install on my computer to work with Make me Droid?
You don't have to install anything, everything happens online using a visual designer.

If you don't have an Android device to run your applications, we provide a simulator that you can install on your PC very easily.
Do I have to know something about computer programming languages to use Make me Droid?
No, the objective of this online application builder is to simplify things and make them accessible to a large audience, not only to tech-people.

This been said, it's interesting to know a little bit about base computer concepts (what is an application, a screen, an update, a menu...). But anyway, we are here to help in any case.
I don't know a lot about computer science, can you help me designing my application?
Yes, either by email using website contact page if your are a VIP user, or using our forum.

When you write to us, please try to clearly explain what you expect to get in your application, and we will tell you firstly if this is doable using Make me Droid, and secondly how to achieve it.

Nevertheless, we do not design applications for you, we only support you.
How does Make me Droid earn money?
Make me Droid earns money using in-app advertisement and subscriptions/licenses that you can optionally purchase for your apps.
Can you remove the ads from my application?
In order to remove the advertisement, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription. Its cost depends on the number of users you have.
Can I display my own ads in the application? What are the options?
Yes, you can provide your AdMob identifier on your application panel. Your ads will then display on some screens of the application ("news reader" screen mostly).

Please note that you may have to wait a few hours after creating your AdMob account, before the ads can start showing.

If you don't want to use AdMob, which allows an easy integration inside the application, you still have choice to add other kind of ads in a HTML content, for example using AdSense. We do not provide support for this part.
The tool is great, but one feature that I would love to have in my application is missing, any way to solve this?
Make me Droid constantly evolves and adapts to market changes, as mobiles applications is a market that rapidly evolves too.

In that regard, we are open to your questions and proposals, and if this matches our development plan, we could integrate your request in the tool, sometimes in a very short time.
Will making an app for my small company really help me?
Building an app that looks good and that is interesting for users will take some time. And you can't be sure that a lot of people will get your app at first! This is why a bit of marketing will be needed to deploy your app.

But after that, having a mobile application can help you with a few major things: keep in touch with your customers, be seen as modern, inform people about new things to make them come back to your shop, create some activity on social networks, and so on.

Because of that, you should not hesitate: mobile applications are everywhere, and you need one!
The designer
My application design is broken, I don't know why. Can I restore it?
We backup the applications on a regular basis. If your application gets corrupted, contact us and we will restore your application to a previous backup version.
I'm a bit lost, I'm not able to build what I want.
Our guides are here to help. Take some time to read them. If you haven't read our 10 steps and inline tutorials yet, try to do them in order to understand the bases.

We can also help you on the forum. Clearly describe what you are trying to do and why you are stuck and we will guide you. Don't forget to first look for previous questions asked by the other users.
On device
I'm trying to install my application on an existing version, but Android refuses.
If you install differently signed versions of your application (i.e. a "test" signature versus a real signature), Android will block you. In such a case, manually uninstall the currently installed application through phone settings, then install the new one.

You can face this problem only while testing. On the Android Market, that will not happen, as every application published on the market is signed with a real signature.
My application generates a force close error on device, what can I do ?
Obviously, this should not happen. If it happens this is not because of a mistake you made, this is because of a bug in Make me Droid.

In such situation, contact us and describe your scenario as precisely as possible, including the mobile phone on which it happened, the application screen, the action that was on going... We will test your application and will solve the problem in a timely manner.
Some features such as video playback don't work in the simulator.
The simulator provided by Android is not as complete as mobile phones available for sell. Some features therefore don't seem to work, but when your application will be on real devices, those issues should not appear.
I don't receive automatic updates any more in my application.
This happens when Make me Droid core application format changes, in order to prevent incompatibilities between old and new versions.

We try to reduce those format changes as much as possible. Nevertheless when it happens, you have to generate a new application package (APK for Android) and to publish it. Only after that your application will be able to receive the updates again.
Why should I sometimes generate my application again instead of always using the automatic update system?
Make me Droid has a split between screen configuration, that you manage in the designer, and the application engine itself, which contains the source code able to handle your configuration.

The application engine evolves very often, to include the most recent features, bug fixes and improvements. If you wish to benefit from those core changes, you have to generate a new version of your application.

Applications control panel shows you when a more recent version of the application engine is available. You can choose to use it or not.
Application publishing
What is Google Play (Android market)?
Google Play is the market place for almost every Android application in the world. This is an unavoidable channel to let your application be known and downloaded.

When you publish your application on Google Play, it becomes instantly visible both on Google Play website, and in the Google Play application that almost every Android phone has.

Phone users then find your application while searching some keywords. Choose your application name and description very carefully for this reason!
Can you publish my Android application for me, using your Google Play account?
We are not able to provide this service for content responsibility reasons.

Make me Droid chosed to let the application builder totally free to use, both letting you generate your applications for free and without us checking anything, but also through the automatic updates system that lets you change your application content at any time. Because of that, we are not able to make sure of the content flying in the air, so we cannot publish using our own account.
Can I publish my application on Google Play over an application I had previously?
Yes, if you choose the same application identifier as before on your Make me Droid dashboard.
Can I sell my application on Google Play?
Yes. You are totally owner of your application, you can use it the way you want.
Can I publish my app for IPhone myself?
No, you currently have to ask us to publish your app on ITunes for you.
Other issues
My application shows strings in english. How can I switch to my own language?
Make me Droid applications contain english translations, and also a few other languages. Application language automatically adapts to the phone language settings, and if not possible, english will be chosen.

If you feel like you want to help and wish to add your own language, please contact us.
Can I get the generated source code and use it outisde of Make me Droid?
No, we don't provide the app source codes. Your application remains bound to Make me Droid (mostly to let the remote services keep working), and even if the app material that you added is your property, you can't edit your app outside of Make me Droid.
I do not find the answer to my question on this page.
For more information or question for which you cannot find an answer, please contact us.