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Online Android and IPhone Application builder in English
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Make me Droid

The application designer
The designer allows to manage your application screens, and the way they are linked together, but it also let you edit global information such as the welcome picture.
Screen management
When you create an application, a first "Item list" screen is already created for you, and set as initial screen. You can delete it if needed.

Add a screen
Type a name for the new screen, and choose a screen type among the available screen types.
You screen "name" is just an identifier. It does not appear in the application.

Click on "Add screen": the new screen now appears in your application screen list.

Remove a screen
Select your screen in the screen list, then click on "Remove selected screen". If this screen was the initial appliation screen, you will have to define a new iitial screen.

Set the initial screen
The initial screen is the screen that is first displayed when the appliation starts. It is mandatory to define it. Select a screen in the list, then click on "Set selection as initial screen".
Link selector
When you click on the icon to define the action for an item or a page (for example, when a list item is clicked), the link selector window appears, letting you choose the destination screen for this action.

Select the destination screen. The action item you modified will show its new action link in red.
Picture selector
When you click on an icon or picture to modify it, the picture selector appears. You have two options:
  • Import a picture from your computer
    In this case, your picture is tranferred and stored in your Make Me Droid space.
  • Use an existing picture from your space
    Select the existing picture from your Make Me Droid library.
Caution: when you save your configuration, unused pictures are deleted from your space. Only used pictures are kept and can be reused later.
Screen navigation
The designer embeds some browsing capabilities to help you feeling the behaviour of your application.

Each action, either on an item list or on another screen, has a small icon as shown on the picture below. This icon allows you reaching the screen targetted by this action.

When you click on it, you therefore go to the destination screen, as your user would do when clicking in the real application.

To come back to the previous screen, click on "Navigate back".
Saving your changes
Don't forget to save the changes you made before leaving the designer.

To make a standard save, click on "Save configuration".
For an application update your users can get, see more information on the page update system.
Application generation
From the designer, you have to save your work and go back to the application page to generate it. Click on "Back to application panel".