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Make me Droid

Managing an application
The application management page provides everything necessary for your application to getting ready being published on the Android market: application icon configuration, screen management, application signature, generation and download.
Application configuration is the most important part. It's done using the application designer, which allows you building and linking your screens, and adding your data.

The sequence of screens you build define the application, which start with an initial screen, from which all the other screens are accessed through links.
Application icon
This icon is used as the first thing users see about your application, in the main menu of the phone. Therefore, it must be choosen carefully.
Signing your application
Before you can use it (on your own phone, or for publishing on the Android market), your application must be "signed" in a way, to have its on fingerprint.

Make Me Droid embeds the signature system for you, to make your publishing process easier. It is also possible for you to make your signature by yourself if you wish so.

3 signature options are available:
  • Sign for testing:
    This is the typical option used while developping the application at first. This kind of signature does not allow you to publish your application on the Android market, but it's enough for personal tests on your phone, and it does not require to provide any personal information.
  • Sign for publishing on the Android Market:
    This kind of signature allows you to directly publish your application on the Android market. If you don't have a signature yet, you have to provide some personal information, plus a password that you must remember carefully. If you forget this password, you would have to create a new signature, and your new application versions would not be recognised by the Android market as successors of the previous versions, in other words, they would be seen as different applications.
  • Don't sign:
    If you know the signature mechanism well enough and wish to manage it by yourself, you can choose to not sign your application using Make Me Droid feature, and sign it on your own.
When you choose to sign the application for publishing on the market, the required information for signature are as following:
Application generation
Your screens, icon and signature are ready? You are one step away from having your application ready. Use the generation button to create your application package. It is possible that a generation queue appears in case the website is receiving too many requests. In this case, just keep the page active and wait a moment

Once generation is done, you will get a link to download it. The provided file can directly be published on the Android market if you signed it for publishing.