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Make me Droid

Denne side er ikke tilgængelig på din sprog. Her er den engelske version.
Forbind med Wordpress
You own a WordPress blog and you want to create its pair mobile application ? You just made your Make me Droid application, and you start thinking it would be great to also show some of your blog content in it ?

Here is how to link your Wordpress blog to Make me Droid.

Why should you make a mobile app for your blog ?
The main advantages of having a real mobile application, and not only a mobile web page, can be summarized in a few words:
  • A mobile application, once installed on a device, is much easier to launch frequently than a mobile website for which you have to type an address, or find the favorite in a mobile browser.
  • A mobile application is published on Google Play, ITunes, etc, and can therefore be found by users who are looking for some keywords. You will then catch users that will find you "by chance".
  • A mobile application has additional features. For instance, it can send PUSH messages to users having the app installed on their device, so you can send immediate information without users having to open the app.
The Wordpress Make me Droid plugin

In order to link your blog to your Make me Droid application, we have built a Wordpress plugin for you. That plugin helps making both worlds communicate together, and share information that the mobile app can display.

As a first step, you have to install that plugin on your Wordpress blog. To do so, go to the plugin's wordpress page or search "Make me Droid" from your Wordpress admin panel, and read the installation instructions (or install it automatically). After installation, you will see a new page on your admin panel, in Settings > Make me Droid. It will tell you how to have a good start.

Among the most interesting features of this plugin: users of your mobile application will automatically receive a PUSH message on their device, without having to open your application, as soon as you publish a new article on your blog.

The Wordpress screen for your application

After the Wordpress Make me Droid plugin is installed, your blog is ready to send all the necessary information. You then just have to show this content in your application.

For advanced users, you can directly use the provided JSON URLs as data sources in your app, and do whatever you like in your screens with them.

If you don't know how to use Make me Droid data sources, don't worry! A template screen is ready for you. Here are the steps to use it:

  • The Wordpress Make me Droid plugin must first be activated on your blog.
  • In the Make me Droid screen editor, add a Wordpress blog screen.
  • A window will ask you to provide your blog address. Provide it, then click connect.
  • After the connection is done, your screen is ready to show your blog information.
  • Try your app as usually. You will then see your latest blog post, but also the list of all your articles, and more.