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Make me Droid

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Opret en quiz / undersøgelse
As part of the custom layout screens, Make me Droid provides an item named Quiz / Survey. It allows you building lists of questions that you ask users to answer. These questions can be either a game (quiz) or a survey to collect information.
Create and add a quiz / survey to your application
  • Add a Quiz / survey screen type.
  • Or add a quiz / survey item to one of your existing screens.
Setup your quiz / survey content
From your screen, select the quiz / survey item. From its properties, click the Attached quiz / survey icon. Now you can add a new quiz / survey, or edit an existing one.

Quiz and surveys are made of pages. Every page contains a single question, multiple choices, and optionnally a "right" answer that you define (for a quiz). Besides this, there are additional pages such as a welcome page or a score page.

Note: Pages and choices can be reordered whenever you like.

The questions

Each page contains a question, first shown before the choices. A question can be made of a text and/or a picture.

Answer choices

Choices provided to users are either a list, in case of texts or pictures, or a single choice, when users have to input text.
The choices layout, and their format, depend on what you define as a content type.
The selection mode lets you decide if users can select one, or multiple choices.

Build your choices list, they will show right under the question.

The answers

For quiz games, you have to provide a "right" answer for every question. There are two kinds of answers: check selection, or check text. In case choices are made of pictures and texts, you have to tell which choices have to be chosen by users in order to get a right answer. In case of text inputs, you should provide the right text, that will be compared with user's input.

Every answer can then get a score (the score can be different for every question, if you want to give more weight to some of them), and you can also define the text to show in case of right and wrong answers. The final score is shown at the end of the quiz.

Additional setup for the quiz / survey

Besides questions/choices/answers, your quiz or survey can also show, if you wish, a welcome screen, a goodbye screen, or the user score. You can also choose to let the survey run only once per user.

Collecting results

Survey results can be sent by email automatically. If you want so, you have to provide the destination email address.